Technology is evolving at an incredible pace, and AI is one such new revolution that we all need to embrace without delay. After empowering the smart cameras, Artificial Intelligence is empowering the video editing software to make the entire video-making process much hassle-free and less time-consuming. Especially in the wake of the ever-increasing competitive scenario, it is impossible to plan marketing and sales strategies without effective videos. However, the sad part is that not every business is resourceful enough to allocate sufficient budgets for the same to outsource experienced video editors. Nevertheless, whether you intend to create a video for personal use or business use, you need not depend on the professional video editors anymore.

By leveraging the power of AI-enriched video editing software, you can accomplish your personal and business goals effectively. Automatic video editing indeed is now a reality driving Higher Engagement owing to the AI-powered video editing software. Here gain insights into the most popular and user-friendly video editors:-


Equipped with dynamic features and user-friendly navigation, Filmora9Buisness features a resourceful visual effect library combined with a stunning collection of free-to-use audios. However, it is the watermark feature of this software that makes it unique in its segment.



A great AI-powered intro maker and video editor by GoPro, QuickStories automatically starts editing the video footage after it gets transferred from the camera to the mobile phone without requiring its users to press a single button over a Bluetooth or a WiFi. It is the advanced algorithms of machine learning combined with the body and vision sensors to identify the finest images, thereby automatically elevating them while editing using this software. To further enhance the video creation and editing experiences, it offers cutting-edge features like intelligent tagging and color grading.


Premiere Pro

Empowered with Adobe Sensei, Premiere Pro is recognized as industry-leading software for web, TV, and film. Its remarkable creative tools and resourceful integration with other services and apps help you create footage into impeccable polished videos and films in minimal time.


Creating a personalized video is no more a time-consuming process with a dynamic online video editor Gilacloud. Varied commendable features of it include material mapping, user-friendly editing package, and competency to create diversified versions of a similar video for A/B testing. Automated capturing of the major content and keywords through the AI-powered algorithm and beyond, of course, the most-talked feature of this software.



Be it explainer video, marketing video, or demo, the effortless drag and drop editing feature of Rawshorts helps you create a flawless video in minimal time and effort. Add color, add customized text and audio, and enhance the appeal of your video with the help of a multitude of transition effects without any hassles. This remarkable video editing software comprises a range of appealing features. After uploading the video script, its ML algorithms will automatically scan the text to discover the key content concept. Thereafter, matching of media assets takes place with script followed by timeline placement and voice narration generation.

Right from easy content creation to offering a wide array of industry-specific templates, from

effortless download export to hassle-free sharing of the finished video on a multitude of social media platforms, it never fails to impress the imagination of users.



Jumptvs is reckoned as an actionable business data video editing platform that provides data-driven content. From daily analysis reports related to business video to gain insights into in-depth user activities to tracking performance related to marketing campaigns, it truly has a lot to offer.



If you intend to create a video within the least possible time that too without much use, you may give Lumen5 a try. It automates the workflow once the users have uploaded the video content besides the script. Its machine learning-powered with NLP, ensures highlighting the key keywords. Interestingly, its Text Positioning is calculated based on the media file composition. In case if a user does not have any kind of media content, the same can be picked from the media library. If you are wondering about its advanced features, there are many to choose from, spanning Watermark, font choices, brand color, and more.

DaVinci Resolve

An ultra-intuitive video editing software offered by the Blackmagic Design, DaVinci Resolve, was mainly designed for color correction and color grading. However, it has evolved incredibly by embracing innovative features. It’s much more streamlined newer version ensures trimming down the complicacy of the workflow to a great extent in terms of creating and editing video.



Be it professionals or be it, beginners, transforming the raw video clips into spectacular cinematic experience has never been easier with Premiere. It has already garnered a decent fan following owing to its easy to navigate interface and appealing features. If you are in quest of more than basic editing like fine-tuning, adjusting audio, and color to personalized preference, you are, in a way, looking for dynamic video editing software like  Premier. Empowered with Sensei AI Adobe, it helps you match colors automatically. However, its most intriguing feature is audio auto-ducking that automatically reduces the music volume around dialogue. Moreover, its responsive interface design ensures the utmost productivity and efficiency. Since it does support intricate VR editing function and multiple formats, the entire integrated workflow becomes a much smoother immersive video creation and editing experience.



A smart video editing software choice Magisto is known for creating flawless videos by transforming raw image clips into mesmerizing movies. Creating any kind of automated video is a pleasant experience with Magisto, as it is equipped with an array of brilliant features. They include an extraordinary collection of commercially licensed music, cross-platform video content hosting, and distribution. Creation, editing, and publishing videos with minimal efforts is indeed a seamless experience with Magisto.


The bottom line

The aforesaid mentioned groundbreaking AI-powered video editing software is no less than personal video editors. By harnessing the resourcefulness of machine learning, they offer foolproof assistance at every step of the video creation and editing process to help business and personal brands to create a variety of videos. They include animated videos, promo videos, explainer videos, and more not just for the web but for social media as well. Moreover, a few video editors also unleash valuable insights on the audio recording, filming videos, and crucial tips regarding cutting-edge editing techniques to further ease the experience of video creation and editing. In true sense, leveraging the power of this software is indeed the fastest way to accelerate all your video marketing efforts, especially to scale business by keeping guesswork at bay. Check this link right here now and more about this.

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