Learning something new is never easy. Most of us associate learning with school, and let’s face it: school was never fun. However, the old approach to education is no longer relevant in our modern society. Nowadays we have access to new learning strategies, and as hard as you may find this to believe, learning can sometimes be fun. Microlearning is one of the best learning strategies. It can be applied to any subject, and it works for anyone. Keep on reading to discover how this learning strategy can improve your life.

1. It takes very little of your time

Conventional education often implies attending real life classes or cramming for hours in order to forcedly absorb large volumes of information at once. However, microlearning uses bite-sized lessons that take less than 5 minutes. So, you can use this learning strategy even if you have a full-time job or a family to take care of. After all, no matter how busy you are, it is impossible to not be able to spare 5 minutes per day to invest in your professional development.

2. It is highly efficient

It has been scientifically proven that learning small bits of information at regular intervals is a lot more efficient than trying to absorb large volumes of content in long studying sessions. This is mainly due to the fact that your brain gets tired very fast when you force it to learn, and after cramming for a while, your learning capacity will quickly start to decrease. So, it is better to allow your brain to rest when it gets tired, and make the most of it when it is at full capacity. Learning small lessons also gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you are learning, and it gives you the option to focus only on the content that really matters.

3. It is very versatile

This learning concept can be applied to any type of content. All you have to do is divide your content into small lessons that only include the most relevant pieces of information. This learning strategy is also used by numerous online learning programs. Eddapp is one of the best programs that uses microlearning. It applies it to a wide variety of subjects and it works on any computer or smartphone. Moreover, this app combines the bite-sized lessons with gamification, active learning and spaced repetition. All these learning strategies will help you absorb and retain the information faster and more efficiently. Apps like this are often used by companies who are training their employers, but they are also great for individual users who are looking for a way to evolve personally and professionally.

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